Bartlett Brothers Harvesting is a professional contract harvesting business servicing growers from southern Queensland to southern Victoria each season. We operate all late model John Deere machines and pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service.


Bartlett Brothers Harvesting has been in operation for 20 years. Dale and Chris are experienced contractors and farmers and are qualified tradesmen; fitter and turner and John Deere diesel mechanic with proven harvest management capabilities.


Bartlett Brothers Harvesting has a proven record of efficiently managing a harvest team and grain harvest logistics for a range of crop types. Our business is committed to completing our clients harvest on time and with minimal delays.


We operate all late model John Deere Harvesters. All machines are equipped with auto steer and straw choppers. To ensure all crop types and harvest conditions are managed effectively, a range of 12 m flex draper and John Deere pick-up fronts are operated.

All header and comb trailer units are fitted with industrial air compressors and are stocked with an abundance of spare parts, to minimise machine downtime.

We also operate a 38 tonne chaser bin and tractor to assist harvest logistics.


Bartlett Brothers Harvesting has header and chaser bin driver positions available for the 2022/23 season. We’re looking for enthusiastic people, with header driving experience, a strong work ethic, safety focus, ability to work long hours, effective communication skills and are team players. The harvest season is a great way to see a broad range of farming systems across Eastern Australia. See below for more.



Safety is a very high priority within our business. We are committed to staff training and promoting safe work practises and a range of safety resources are readily available to staff.

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